The module is known to pip and Debian-based distributions as python-jenkins.


pip install python-jenkins


easy_install python-jenkins

The module has been packaged since Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10):

apt-get install python-jenkins

And on Fedora 19 and later:

yum install python-jenkins

For development:

python develop


Documentation is included in the doc folder. To generate docs locally execute the command:

tox -e docs

The generated documentation is then available under doc/build/html/index.html.

Unit Tests

Unit tests have been included and are in the tests folder. We recently started including unit tests as examples in our documentation so to keep the examples up to date it is very important that we include unit tests for every module. To run the unit tests, execute the command:

tox -e py27
  • Note: View tox.ini to run tests on other versions of Python.

Due to how the tests are split up into a dedicated class per API method, it is possible to execute tests against a single API at a time. To execute the tests for the Jenkins.get_version() API execute the command:

tox -e py27 -- tests.test_version.JenkinsVersionTest

For further details on how to list tests available and different ways to execute them, see

Test Coverage

To measure test coverage, execute the command:

tox -e cover